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Vera Thordardottir

Fashion Designer & Luxury Brand Manager


Embracing the Artistry of Fashion

Vera Thordardottir is a visionary fashion designer who brings her unique blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and passion to the world of fashion. With roots in Icelandic culture and nature, Vera specializes in sustainable luxury design and emotive lifestyle brand development.

Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty on the outskirts of Reykjavik, Vera developed a deep respect for nature and the importance of sustainable living. From the young age of 4, she began sewing and knitting, honing her textile skills throughout her primary and secondary education.

After completing her studies in Business & Economics, Vera embarked on a transformative journey, securing a Leonardo da Vinci grant to travel and immerse herself in Italian language and culture. Later, she moved to London to study Fashion Design at the esteemed Istituto Marangoni, where she showcased her talent by opening the graduation show in 2010 and receiving a Special Mention Award at the FAD Fashion Design Competition.

Shortly after graduating, Vera's talent caught the attention of none other than Lady Gaga, who selected pieces from her collection to wear at high-profile events. Encouraged by the success, Vera launched her own brand, VERA, at the Reykjavik Fashion Festival in 2011.

Her career continued to flourish as she worked for renowned brands such as Céline under the guidance of Phoebe Philo and Rose & Willard, where she focused on innovative career wear for inspiring women. In 2016, Vera co-founded Bears Ice Cream Company, where she sits on the board and contributes to branding and communication strategies.

During her downtime in COVID, Vera attended the Executive Leadership Program at Oxford University, where she further honed her leadership skills and gained valuable insights into impactful strategies for building creative teams. Her remarkable performance in the program, earning a reputable score of 91%, led to an invitation to mentor with Paul Temporal, an Associate Fellow and Global Branding Expert at Oxford. Vera has since been collaborating with Paul, leveraging his expertise in branding, and they continue to work together on various projects. Additionally, Paul Temporal now sits on the board of Bears Ice Cream Company, further strengthening their partnership. Vera's dedication to continuous learning and her association with esteemed institutions like Oxford University have greatly contributed to her growth as a leader in the fashion industry.

As an independent consultant, Vera has successfully led turnarounds for luxury fashion brands, gaining recognition in the global fashion press and achieving significant increases in turnover. Her expertise extends to mentoring and advising companies on impactful brand strategies, collaborating with esteemed professionals and contributing to books on branding.

In 2023, Vera's innovative and timeless designs were acknowledged with a second-place award in a competition organized by the Icelandic Design Association and creators of Icelandic Tweed.

Vera Thordardottir's journey showcases her unwavering commitment to sustainable luxury fashion, creativity, and leadership, making her a prominent figure in the industry.

Career Highlights

May 2023















AQVAROSSA, Creative Director and Brand Consultant 

Successful brand turn around featuring in global publications

Graduates Oxford Executive Leadership Program

Sands & Hall, Design Lead & Brand Consultant

Freelance Fashion Designer & Luxury Brand Consultant

Personal leave to care for a permanently ill family member

Rose & Willard, Senior Womenswear Designer

CELINE - Product Development - LVMH Fashion Divison

VERA opens Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2011

Creations by Vera worn by Lady Gaga in addition to many designs appearing in international publications and global exhibitions

VERA - Creative Director, Avant Garde Brand

Vauxhall Fashion Scout FAD Competition special mention award

 Hussein Chalayan - Assistant to Jessica Lomax, current Global Head of Design at Calvin Klein

Istituto Marangoni - BA Womenswear Fashion Design

Commercial College of Iceland - College Degree in Business and Economics

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